[Interview] How a simple guy in his 20s built a $150,000 side hustle selling T-Shirts on Amazon

You guys wanted to know more about Dan’s progress and what’s he up to nowadays, so we got in touch with Dan to answer your questions.

Dan made this cool video showing his account and earnings and sent it to us a few months ago. You probably watched it already. For those who didn’t, check it out.

MerchInsider: Hi Dan. The video you made had a huge impact on our readers. You have a lot of fans now who want to know more about you. Could you say a few words about yourself?

Dan: Hello. Wow, I never expected my video to have such an impact, so hello to your readers and my fans too (laughs).

I never graduated college, so I didn’t have many options. My first job was at 18, pushing carts at a local supermarket for $8 an hour. This job was hell. I don’t want to name the company, but I was threated almost subhuman. I was so depressed during that time that I didn’t even want to go to bed, knowing I’ll have to start over the next day.

But now I think of it as a good thing. One day after a 16 hour shift I realized this is not the life I want to live. So I started searching on Google “how to make money online”. I didn’t sleep that night, reading all the information I could get for free from forums. When I finally went to bed my brain was pumped with adrenaline of all the possibilities I discovered.

For the next few days I tried everything but failed miserably. I realized that all the methods posted for free on forums miss key elements or they are pure bs. I realized that no one will offer all their system for free, so during the next months I spent all the money I could save on buying courses from gurus on how to make money online, hoping they will reveal their secrets.

I was so naive… I’ve built websites, tried SEO, uploaded videos on youtube, joined all kind of sites that paid you to do things… but nothing worked. The methods were again missing things, were outdated or plain bs. This got me into a bigger depression than before. I was felling robed, scammed, cheated and with no way out.

But something great came out of this. I was chatting from time to time with a guy I met on a forum. I had no idea he was making tons of money online. He was always so humble and answered my questions that I though he was just someone like me, searching for his way. Lucky for me, he was searching for more man power for his online business and knowing from our little chats that I’m a honest and hard working person, he gave me this job. He’s a very humble and private person, so out of the huge respect I’m not going to name him or disclose his business, but I can tell you my job involved managing his social media fan pages (sharing content, replying to comments, etc.).

The payout was great, the job was piece of cake compared to pushing carts. But I saw the money he was making and the entrepreneur in me wanted more. I asked him if it’s ok for him to try doing what he does. He said it’s ok, but that I’ll never be able to succeed because I don’t have his assets and it’s no longer the right time to start that. He thought me a valuable lesson: You have to start a business at the right time.

During this time and with the money I was making, I still bought courses, but I can tell you there’s no push of a button system to make you money. Period.

Even though my “fans” (laughs) wanted to know more about my background I think they are really interested about this Amazon business.

To keep things short, my very last course I bought was yours. Although I had decided at that time they are all a waste of money, your business blueprint really sounded legit. Selling on Amazon using a platform developed by Amazon itself, with no costs for advertising or inventory… this wasn’t a push of a button system and it was about Amazon’s platform after all, you can’t get any more legit business than that.

I must admit I had doubts, not about the legitimacy of the program, but about the course. From my previous experience there was always a catch in the courses I bought that didn’t provide all the information required to achieve the same success as the teachers.

But now that I’ve quit my job and make more money than my boss (and friend)… I really can’t express my gratitude for your course. It changed my life in a way I’ve never imagined.


MerchInsider: That’s a great story and I’m glad our course had such a huge impact. It’s very rewording for the team behind MerchInsider when we hear stories like these from our students.

Would you mind telling what progress did you make in the last months?

Dan: I got your books at the end of June and I started at the end of the month. Only in July I really applied the advanced strategies from the course and made $4,241 that month.

I recorded that video I sent you sometime in September. I actually ended the month with $11,422. This was the level I reached while still having my job and only working maybe 2h a day here and there. I did all the work myself.

That’s when I was finally decided to quit my job. On one hand I was felling bad leaving it, since my boss and friend helped me so much, but he encouraged me to do it after telling him about this. By the way, he got your course too and he’s very excited with the great results he has. Now this is his main focus as well.

I didn’t achieve my goal of doubling the t-shirts I have, but my income doubled because of some older t-shirts gaining tractions and more sales.

To get back to the question, I ended October with $21,432 in earnings. I’ll send you a screenshot after the interview with all the months.



MerchInsider: Great numbers. Congratulations.

What do you think was the most important key to your success?

Dan: I can’t name just one. There are definitely a few…

First one is that I stumbled upon your website. Otherwise I would have never heard about this Amazon program. I could have never imagined there could be a program by Amazon where you just upload text based designs and Amazon makes the t-shirt, sells it on their store and pays you a royalty. And all of this at no cost.

Second, even if I did, I wouldn’t have joined because I’m not a designer. I had no idea how to create a simple image. I’ve learned from your site that text based designs on t-shirt sell the best.

Even so, if you didn’t have the guide on how to create text based designs that literally took 5 minutes to make and with that free software, I would’ve got scared away.

And last and maybe the most important, your course covered how to do research and create phrases people search for and want to wear on their t-shirts.


MerchInsider: What are some of the struggles?

Dan: To be honest, I just followed your blueprint form the start and everything went smoothly. But I’m in a few Facebook groups and I can tell you what problems people face.

First of all they don’t know how to write their approval letter. Since this program is invite only, the letter is the only thing that differentiate you from the other applicants. That’s why some of them wait for 6 months or more to get approved.

Another problem they face is paying for designers because they don’t know how to create them themselves. They have no idea how simple it is and that they can create a text based design in 5 minutes for free.

Not all designs sell, so I can create 5 designs in minutes. If none of them sell I can create 5 more. Out of 10, one will probably sell constantly and make lots of money. They pay an artist for 5 designs around $100. If none sell they get discouraged and quit, not knowing that maybe their 6th one will bring it $500 of revenue per month.

Another issue I see a lot is people creating phrases no one searches for. They might be funny, but if people don’t search for them, you won’t get any sales. Fortunately I used the methods presented in your course and I didn’t have to deal with that.

And the most painful one…loosing your account. People usually don’t know what trademark or copyright is. Some of them infringe other peoples work deliberately, some by accident, but the fact stands. During the last few days Amazon started banning a lot of accounts because of that. Fortunately I always checked the copyrights of my phrases using the free resources you provided and I don’t have to worry about loosing my account.


MerchInsider: Where do you think this program will go in the future?

Dan: I think this is only the begging.

I’m sure Amazon will expand the production to hoodies, long sleeve shirts, caps, mugs and much more. I can hardly wait to have my designs on more products.

At the moment they only sell in USA, although you can register and sell from all over the world, unlike the regular seller account. In the future I’m sure they will sell worldwide.

Basically for me not doing any extra work, just my designs being on more products and sold worldwide I expect my income to increase 10 times…or more in the future. It’s insane.


MerchInsider: Any last thoughts for our readers?


Jump on this opportunity right now. This is the perfect time to start.

And definitely get the course from MerchInsider. I honestly don’t think I would’ve reached this level without it. It’s straight to the point without any bs, from people who make more money than me and share their whole process.

If I, my family and friends had success following it, I think it’s clear the information is pure gold and you can do it too!


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  1. Your story is very encouraging. I am not comfortable doing business on the internet as money has been taken away from my credit card. I have experienced that with antivirus programs and in particular Avast.

    • I’m sorry to hear about that. Online business is growing more than ever and e-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries.

  2. Thanks for the interview. Is Dan referring to “Merch By Amazon – Business Blueprint from A to Z” course? Thanks

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    I am impressed by Amazon.I have written a book.How can i use Amazon to help me earn from it.?I am from Kenya, Africa.
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