Why MBA Is The Business You Have To Start TODAY...

Warning! Please leave now if:

- you're looking for a push of a button system that brings you money overnight

- you are looking for guru ninja secrets (that do not work anyway)

- you will just read this and not take any action

- you prefer watching TV instead of putting 1h of work

If any of these apply to you, please do yourself a favor and leave now. Go read your favorite guru's bs and pay him for ninja secrets that do not work.

If you are REALLY prepared  to run a real business and if you will REALLY take action, carefully read on. This is what you've been looking for all this time...

How can you earn money running a real business online?

We'll be talking about real legit business models you can run from your own bedroom. Don't expect some push of a button system or gimmicks to make money online. I'm insisting on this because working from home is usually viewed as some gimmick system because of the bs tricks gurus claim to have and sell to you. But you're smarter than that...

Let's start by reviewing the classical business models. It's very important to understand them, so you can see the power of the new business model presented. If you are familiar with them you can skip this (but you'll still benefit if you read it).

Do you know what print on demand (POD) is?

You are probably familiar with Teespring. If not, print on demand means you upload designs to a platform. These designs will be printed on t-shirts and sold to people. The t-shirts are produced only after someone buys them from your website, so you don't need to pay for inventory upfront.

PROS:  You don't have to pay for upfront stock

CONS: You have to drive traffic yourself, buying ads.

Buying targeted traffic is expensive and there's no guarantee you will make any sales. Even if you get sales it's even more complicated to be worth the advertising costs (You will end up paying more for ads than the profit you'll get for sales).

Do you know why gurus sell you courses about this? Because they made money (the few who did) when advertising was cheaper. Now they only make money selling you a system that's no longer profitable.

Do you know droppshipping?

The easiest and usual setup is creating a Shopify store where you list products from China (AliExpress being the most popular source).

While you can sell a more diversified variety of products than POD, there are basically the same disadvantages as with POD.

PROS:  You don't have to pay for upfront stock

CONS: You have to drive traffic yourself, buying ads.

                         You still have to pay for the items.

                         You have to handle refunds (which are high because of long waiting times) and returned items.

                         Long waiting times for customers (4 - 6 weeks for products to arrive from China)

                         Shopify + App fees

Do you know what FBA is?

Another way to sell online is using the Amazon regular seller account. Your products will be listed on Amazon and people can search for them. You will get organic traffic, but you have to handle the orders yourself.

PROS:  You don't have to pay for advertising.

CONS: You have to pay for stock.

                        You have to handle shipping.

                        FBA costs $39.99 a month

This can still work very well. The main downside is that you have to buy inventory upfront (you can not dropship because you have to deliver items in a few days). While you don't have to pay for advertising (because Amazon is HUGE and has so much free organic traffic), your products might be in a saturated market or worst, in a market with no demand.

Wouldn't it be sweet to have all the advantages from these models and combine them into something great?

What would that mean?

First of all, not buying upfront stock without knowing if there's any market for it.

Having access to Amazon's millions of customers for free, by having your items listed there

Not handling the customer service, and only get paid your part of the profits.

And so on...

Print on Demand

Teespring, Teechip, etc.


  • No costs for inventory
  • No need for customer service
  • No need for handling shipping


  • No free traffic
  • Pay for ads to get traffic
  • No guarantee you'll get any sales


Amazon Seller Account


  • Your product is accessible on Amazon
  • Lots of free traffic


  • $39.99 a month
  • You have to buy inventory, not knowing if it will sell
  • You have to send it to customers
  • You have to do customer support


Is there a better way?


  • Print on demand
  • No costs for inventory
  • Your products listed on Amazon
  • No paid ads
  • 100% free organic traffic from Amazon's store
  • No customer service
  • You just have to upload designs
  • You get paid a royalty for each sale

Print on Demand + FBA = Love

What if Print on Demand and FBA made love and had a baby? What if I tell you they did?

Are you still thinking this is anything like Teespring or Droppshipping? That's what Will thought. Read his email to see what he thinks now:

When POD + FBA = Love...

Then a game changing platform is created. It combines the power of the two business models to create something that's insane.

Let's look at some examples:

These are t-shirts sold using the MBA Platform.

What will you have to do? - Just come up with phrase ideas to be printed on t-shirts
How it works:
  • Come up with a phrase idea (like: "Ok, But First Footbal")
  • Upload your phrase. It will automatically create a t-shirt listing on the Amazon store with that phrase (like the ones you saw above)
  • People searching for "football t-shirts" on Amazon store will see your design and buy it
  • Amazon handles the promotion, production, shipping, customer care, etc.
  • You get paid a royalty for each sale

Final Question: How much money can you make?

Everyone wants to have a precise answer to that. Unfortunately no one can tell you how much money YOU will make.

But to get an idea, watch this video of our student Dan and see what he's managed to achieve:

* it is a live video recording. Some parts have been blurred to protect his t-shirts from copycats and protect personal information.

What's the bueinss blueprint mentioned in the video?

This is the only STEP BY STEP guide you'll ever need, from people who run this business successfully themselves and for students and friends who do it too.

The books cover all the proccesses WE PERSONALLY USE DAILY, that allowed us, our families and our students to generate five figures monthly incomes from Amazon. (Watch the video from our student, if you cheated and skipped it)

Will this work for you?

That's up to you to decide. Here are some emails we got from our students:

Rick wasn't sure if he could do it either. See what he has to say:

She wished she started sooner. There's no better moment to start than now:

Once again, this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a real business you'll be running:

There's no such thing as little success stories...every success story is just the beginning of a greater one!

The first email is his "little $50 success", as he calls it. Read the second one to see what it led to (Spoiler Alert: $1500)

She was already earning money on the internet. See what she has to say about the MBA business she started:

Do you relate to Bobby's story? Sounds familiar?

Are you ready to start your own Business?  

" Take action to succeed, that's all it takes. 
Not taking action is the only sure way to fail! "

Price: $19.99

Price: $6.99

Price: $9.99

Price: $9.99

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  2. Create your first design in 5 minutes...for FREE! You don't need to pay for expensive designers or programs. The best part is that you don't need to know or have any graphical skills at all!
  3. How to create only designs that sell! Why waste time on experimenting with ideas that don't sell when we already have a system to generate unlimited ideas that sell?
  4. Protecting your business! Nothing is worse than losing your account because you infringed on others copyrights by mistake.
  5. How to use the MBA platform at full potential!
  6. Finding keywords with lots of searches to generate more sales!
  7. Pricing strategies to boost sales by 300%!
  8. Tons of pro tips, strategies and secretes!

"Is this going to make me rich overnight?"

Told you from the beginning, there's no such thing! This is not a make quick money online scheme. This is a blueprint for creating a REAL business!

"How much money will I make?"

The truth is I don't know. I just know that if you don't do anything you will make $0.

Everyone wants a push of a button system that can guarantee you $5,000 a day. But there's no such thing. This is a real business and it's up to you to put the work.

We're giving you the tools and the results of hundreds of tests so that you can apply only the strategies that are proven, but it's up to you do apply them.

"I'm not from USA, can I join?"


While the designs will only be available to USA customers (for now), you can join and sell from all over the word.​

"Oh so this is only selling T-Shirts on Amazon?"

Only T-Shirts? The apparel industry in USA alone is a 225 billion dollar industry. Don't get distracted by the shinny object syndrome and just get a slice of the pie you have access to, even if it's "only" t-shirts.

Also keep in mind MBA is just starting out and soon you'll be able to sell your designs on other items if that's your main concern.

"Isn't this saturated?"

There is demand for all kind of niches. There are so many untapped ones it's basically impossible to cover all of them. People want to wear all kind of wacky phrases, you'll be surprised.

Also you don't keep a t-shirt for life. You always buy new ones, so there will always be demand.

"Aren't you afraid of creating competition?"

As said before, it's really impossible to run out of ideas with a good research system in place. In the course you will not get a list of phrases to compete with others. You won't get fish, you'll get to learn how to fish! You will get a research process on how to create your own ones. If everyone will create millions of designs, yeah, then it will start to have some competition, but let's be realistic.

Let me give you an example. I had a t-shirt with a certain phrase on it. I made another one with the exact same one, just a different font. I created competition for myself. Guess what? The second one sold better, but it didn't affect the sales on the first one. Why? Because it appealed to different people, although they were searching for the same thing.

"So what was the workflow again?"

"But I have a job and a family, do I have time for this?"

You had time to read this article. Sure you can have an hour here and there a few times a week to work on this. That's all you need to start. We're sure you'll make more free time after you see the sales royalty coming in.

But if you're that person who keeps finding excuses, you will be stuck at your job (not that's anything wrong with that) no matter what opportunity arrives at your door.

"But this is a lot of money for me..."

If you're asking this question you probably don't belong here. Sorry to be so direct, but you're here because you wish to start a business right? (hope you weren't still believing in a push of a button system). If you don't have any money, don't go into debt for ANY business, you won't be able to have a healthy mindset to succeed.

Here's what's Luke opinion on the price:

"Are any students unhappy?"

I don't consider them students, but there are unhappy people too. Check out this guy for example (he didn't need to motivate why he wanted a refund, the refund policy is no question asked, but it seems he really wanted to):

To be 100% transparent, refund rates are under 1%. Most of refunds requests are from people who don't even read what this course is about and expect push of a button software to make them rich over night.

"What if the course doesn't show some vital information?"

That's why we showed you the video and the emails from some of our students. If we didn't share our complete system and missed something out do you think they would be so happy about it?

"What guarantee do I have that the books cover everything?"


No questions asked. Is that good enough?

If you decide for whatever reason this isn't for you or you think it's not worth it (or you just want to scam us, but we truly believe you're an honest person), you'll get your money back.

You will get 2 FREE bonuses:

Bonus #1: 50+ High Quality Fonts (fonts make designs look good and sell) worth $513

Bonus #2: 750+ Niches (to target passionate people no one else does) worth $247

Total Price: $47

40% Off Bundle Price: Only $27

100% Money Back Guarantee

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** 100% money back guarantee for 1 year. No questions asked because we believe in our product.

P.S. There's no better time to start working on your financial independence than now.