Why Merch By Amazon Is The Business You Have To Start TODAY...

Before going into full details, watch the video below to see

how simple it was for our student Dan:

Warning: This page is only for people who want to become full time or part time entrepreneurs and run their own online business. If you're looking for push of a button make money online schemes, please leave now.

Important! If you want to run your own online business full time or part time, please read the following information carefully. The first step is not to be lazy and inform yourself!

What is this Merch By Amazon program?

It's a platform developed by Amazon that allows you to create an online selling business from the comfort of your home without upfront or any cost at all!

"But on Amazon people sell their own stuff, they have to buy inventory and handle distribution..."

Not anymore! Amazon just launched the platform called Merch by Amazon that handles the production, selling, distribution, customer service... it handles all the nasty part of the business for you!

But what  do I have to do to make money?

Let's look at some examples:

These are t-shirts sold using the Merch By Amazon platform.

What will you have to do? - Just come up with phrase ideas to be printed on t-shirts
How it works:
  • Come up with a phrase idea (like: "Ok, But First Footbal")
  • Upload your phrase to Merch. It will automatically create a t-shirt listing on the Amazon store with that phrase (like the ones you saw above)
  • People searching for "football t-shirts" on Amazon store will see your design and buy it
  • Amazon handles the promotion, production, shipping, customer care, etc.
  • You get paid a royalty for each sale

Why isn't everyone doing it already?

Well...why aren't you? First of all because you didn't know about it until now. Fortunately, you do now and you should take advantage of being one of the firsts to take a slice from this opportunity pie.

You might be wondering if there are any challenges. Well let's see...

Waiting up to 6 months to get approved...

Ouch...Yes, Merch by Amazon is an invite only program at the moment. If you go over their forums you can see people who waited for even 6 months before getting approved. That's a lot of time, but don't worry, you can get in faster!

T-Shirts not selling, so no revenue...

Imagine the guys waiting for 6 months, getting approved, uploading their designs .... and no sales!

Amazon has millions of users who search for products, but if no one searches for their designs, of course they won't sell! No sales, means no royalty for them.

Sucks for them waiting so much time and not earn anything because...

Not doing proper research on what sells...

People don't just search for anything. You have to create phrases that people search for otherwise how will they find yours?

Finding keywords people search for is easy only if you have a system on how to do the research. Throwing random phrases and hoping they will sell is like gambling. Sure you're smarter than that and understand you can't create a successful business just by luck.

Accidentally getting banned for copyright infringement...

You can't imagine what companies copyright these days! There are copyrighted phrases that you wouldn't even guess. For example "Keep Calm and Love On"... would you ever imagined that phrase was copyrighted?

Fortunately there's a free way to see what phrases are copyrighted, so you don't accidentally break the law.

To summarize, the challenges users face:
  • not knowing what Merch is and how it can allow them to work from home and make tons of money
  • people complaining on Amazon forums for waiting 6 months to get approved on the platform
  • not having art skills and not knowing that best seller t-shirts are only text
  • not having technical skills to transform text into images to upload on Merch
  • not knowing how to come up with phrases people search for, so no traffic, no sales, no money

You might ask yourself (if not, you should): Is there's a way to avoid all those problems?

This is the only Merch By Amazon STEP BY STEP guide and system you'll ever need, from people who really make money and not only teach others without doing it themselves (yeah, those gurus). 

The books cover all the proccesses WE PERSONALLY USE DAILY, that allowed us, our families and our students to generate five figures monthly incomes from Amazon. (Watch the video of our student, if you cheated and skipped it)

What does it cover:

  1. Getting approved! Do not wait for 6 months and waste precious time when it's possible to get approved faster with a proper application letter!
  2. Create your first design in 5 minutes...for FREE! You don't need to pay for expensive designers or programs. The best part is that you don't need to know or have any graphical skills at all!
  3. How to create only designs that sell! Why waste time on experimenting with ideas that don't sell when we already have a system to generate unlimited ideas that sell?
  4. Protecting your business! Nothing is worse than losing your account because you infringed on others copyrights by mistake.
  5. How to use the Mech by Amazon platform at full potential!
  6. Finding keywords with lots of searches to generate more sales!
  7. Pricing strategies to boost sales by 300%!
  8. Tons of pro tips, strategies and secretes!

What Are Our Students Saying...

SamanthaFull Time Merch By Amazon Seller

I was waiting for 2 months to get approved...

“I was waiting for 2 months to get approved to the system. I almost gave up until I read this blueprint. I followed the instructions and got approved after 7 days!

That was just the beginning of financial independence for me. And I love every second of working on designs that make people happy."

As a professional designer I over complicated things...

“As a professional designer I over complicated things. I tried to make complex graphic designs, but they didn't sell.

The answer was that people weren't searching for them. The most important thing I've learned from this guide was how to get people to search for my designs.

Everything in the book is explained very clearly. It's a step by step guide that you can follow easily. It does teaches you how to do everything successfully with a system ready for immediate use.”

Tun Li Graphical Designer
Bobby AllanPR Assistant

It took my sales to a new level...

“I was struggling getting sales. I thought my designs were great, but they weren't. I learned how to create beautiful ones using the tutorial in the book and that's when it took my sales to a new level. I'm so glad I found this to teach me what works and what doesn't. Now I'm not in the dark anymore.”

Are you ready to start your   Merch By Amazon Business?  

" Take action to succeed, that's all it takes. 
Not taking action is the only sure way to fail! "

You will get 2 FREE bonuses:

Bonus #1: 50+ High Quality Fonts (fonts make designs look good and sell) worth $513

Bonus #2: 750+ Niches (to target passionate people no one else does) worth $247

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Discounted Price: $199

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"Is this going to make me rich overnight?"

Told you from the beginning, there's no such thing! This is not a make quick money online scheme. This is a blueprint for creating a REAL business!

"How do I know it's not a scam?"

You should always ask yourself that before spending any money on anything! Thanks for asking...

You can easily check that Merch by Amazon is a legit program from Amazon, not some shady company. Just search for it on google and convince yourself.

"I'm not from USA, can I join?"


While the designs will only be available to USA customers, you can join and sell from all over the word.​

"Why get your Blueprint and not do everything myself?"

You can do that and we hope we provided you some good insights and information about the challenges you have to figure out.

But ask yourself honestly, is the price of this blueprint not worth it?

Do you want to risk waiting for months to get started, creating designs and not getting sells?

Do you think our student Dan regrets not waste time testing things on his own? (He was nice enough to record a video, so hope you watched it) Do you think he's not happy he could just follow the step by step process from the Blueprint? And not waste time figuring it out for himself, wasting months to reach that level? Do you think he regrets getting the Blueprint?

"But I have a job and a family, do I have time for this?"

You had time to read this article. Sure you can have an hour here and there a few times a week to work on this. That's all you need to start. We're sure you'll make more free time after you see the sales royalty coming in, but it's really up to you.

"Why are you sharing this?"

Won't this create more competition? There are so many niches and phrase ideas people want on their t-shirts, that's impossible to run out off them, so there's really no reason of concern.

If more people join the program and have success, it means more money for Amazon too. It means they will invest more developing the platform and making it even better.

People who are afraid to share their business model are only people who don't know how to run their business (or do shady stuff).

"What guarantee do I have that the book covers everything?"


No questions asked. Is that good enough?

If you decide for whatever reason this isn't for you or you think it's not worth it (or you just want to scam us, but we truly believe you're an honest person), you'll get your money back.

You will get 2 FREE bonuses:

Bonus #1: 50+ High Quality Fonts (fonts make designs look good and sell) worth $513

Bonus #2: 750+ Niches (to target passionate people no one else does) worth $247

Physical Copies Price: $599 (out of stock)

Digital Copies Price: $299

Discounted Price: $199

Special New Year Price: $9.99

100% Money Back Guarantee

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* you will be redirected to Gumroad, our secure payment processor

** 100% money back guarantee for 1 year. No questions asked because we believe in our product.

P.S.: You'll get all future updates of the blueprint for no extra cost.